29 Nov 2022| DECO TIPS

Sitting room: invest in minimal

 Sitting room: invest in minimal

Minimal is not only a trend. It is the also the best way to create an elegant and harmonious place, so that you can relax in it and enjoy your living. The absence of anything unnecessary, the emphasis on anything important, the coexistence of simple objects, the pale colors are the basic ingredients to create a comfortable and elegant living room.

Minimalism loves the metallic element. The inox and metal details on furniture and objects give a neutral, slightly cold and certainly understated style in the room. This composition by Poltrona Frau is a great example.

The geometric forms give simplicity and relax the eye. Some compositions by Fendi Casa offer a feeling of comfort, being the epitome of minimalism.

Minimal demands the absence of intense colors and apparently prefers the neutral and earthy tones, or else the black and white compositions. Molteni often replaces the coffee table with a stool or a pouf.

Wood is the element that gives warmth to a minimal environment without “disturbing”.

The preference for floor lamps, the drawings laying in the floor and the large surfaces covered by a single carpet, are some of the ways in which Molteni apply minimalism.  

The furniture with symmetrical curves is one of Poltrona Frau’s minimalistic proposals.