02 Dec 2022| DECO TIPS

Add a touch of style to your summer gathering

Add a touch of style to your summer gathering

Summer has its own decorative rules. Organize a dinner or a cocktail party under the summer sky and make sure you have the appropriate accessories.

Rope collection by Michael Aram, celebrates the beautiful form and textures found in ropes, both individually and when they are massed together. Michael's version seeks to express the unique undulations and the rough texture created as the ropes are used, particularly in a nautical environment. Ideal choice for the summer table.

Also Michael Aram's Rock collection is inspired by jagged edged stone formations as seen through the combined lenses of Rock and Roll Glam, Cubism, and Art Deco.

The Notre Monde discs are crafted by hand and promise to give a sophisticated and arty imprint on our everyday life. The base represents a unique pattern, inspired by the sea…