28 Oct 2021| DECO TIPS

How to style a coffee table

How to style a coffee table

The coffee table is the most necessary -after the sofa- piece of furniture in the living room. This is why it deserves all of our attention in order to be both practical and stylish. The basic idea is to get rid of unnecessary items taking up space and to decorate it with beautiful objects -few and well- reflecting our personality and lifestyle.

What we need:




Small accessories

How do it:

Split items into 3 or 4 sections

Vary orientation, size and shape of objects

Stick to a color scheme

Build height from bottom to top, outside to center

Stack books, boxes and magazines

Top stacks with small accessories

The essential tray

The disc is a special category in the decoration of a coffee table as is the smartest and most stylish way to collect a group of objects and to present it to the table top. Select color, size and style depending on the aesthetics of the table itself and the whole area. The appropriate tray will give a sense of order, harmony and a natural style in the final result.


Sellections from AVAX collections for your very own coffee table