02 Dec 2022| DECO TIPS

Ideas to decorate the most amazing Xmas tree

Ideas to decorate the most amazing Xmas tree

The Christmas tree gives the most important festive touch to the house, puts a smile on children’s mouth, symbolizes the most magical period of the year and should reflect our personal taste.

Take inspiration from the ideas below and create your own unique composition!

The classic red tree

The red color is the most traditional and classic choice for the Christmas decoration. It exudes warmth and cheerful mood and matches perfectly the green, which is the color of the tree, either true or false. Hang red balls, combine with golden garlands and of course do not forget to add several rows of lights with warm yellow lighting.

The silver tree

Perhaps a less warm choice, but it offers chic elements, theatrical mood and creates a dreamy atmosphere. For a complete, harmonious effect, choose a silver rather than a green tree and decorate it with ornaments in baby blue color, add some white accents and of course silver balls. Do not miss the big silver star on top!

White & pine

White refers to snow and exudes a calm power not only as an option on the furniture, but also as a decorative proposal for Christmas. Combine with elements such as pine cones and add the element of wood in general. Ideal choice for a minimal environment.

Tartan tree

Exuberant and cheerful, tartan will compensate you as a decorative option for your tree. It is the traditional choice of Ralph Lauren Home also. No accident! The chic country style in its better version. The blue and red are the colors that suit the best.

Modern & alternative

Beyond the classic options, the possibilities of decoration are limitless. So, you may try a less conventional tree. We have pointed out these ideas: the cloth with tree print (gifts may nevertheless be true!), the zigzag garland on shelves so that schematically refers to a tree, a wooden structure with appropriate ornaments resembling to a tree.