25 Mar 2023| DECO TIPS

It’s a black & white Spring!

It’s a black & white Spring!

The strongest contrast of the color palette has a place in the spring decoration of our house! The black & white archetype enters in the world of furniture and accessories creating a stylish and harmonious result.

The sofa

The imposing Orlando sofa, in white color, offers comfort and intimacy.

On the other hand, the black Ray corner sofa gives a minimal sense in the space.

The lounge chair

The white Celeste armchair has a classy style, it offers comfort and consists a neutral touch to the living room.

The chair

Gabbia combines wood with metal offering a super stylish result. The most striking element, which is her back, offers style to any space.

The stool

Combining wood with metal, Gud stools are available with black or white details.

The coffee table

Sputnik table plays with circles: the top consists of a wooden and a metallic black circle.

The smaller, black auxiliary Charcoal tables offer a very special touch to the living room.

The console

Wood blends with the black element on consoles Hall and Merlin.

The accessories

Both the Cone ceiling lamp and the table Box Light

are two accessories with pop aesthetics that bring the brightness of white color in our space.





If you need a creative contrast for your office, combine the Pencil Holder in black

and white or two Ribbon shelves.