29 Nov 2022| DECO TIPS

Jeans make the world go round!

Jeans make the world go round!

Jeans, the most casual and friendly fabric, is equally interesting when it is applied in our furniture. It is the same intimate texture, modern design, cool and effortless feeling when we talk about a jean upholstery.

This spring we have a love affair with the Greenwich sofa from Everyday collection.

The quilted elements give a classic and more severe style, though the jeans upholstery offer a youthful and modern look. The art nouveau style legs are painted in white color giving one more pleasant contrast.

Orb coffee table is the right piece to combine with Greenwich sofa and armchair. It blends wood with metal, simplicity with eccentricity givind the ideal supplement to this sofa.

Also the Cone floor lamp made of oak and metal would be the ideal ending touch to a unique setting!