29 Mar 2023| DECO TIPS

Keep your lights on!

Keep your lights on!

One of the most important factors in the decoration is the lighting. Whether it's an elegant and majestic chandelier or a minimal ceiling lamp, or a stylish lampshade, lighting is a key ingredient in each space.


Say yes to the luxurious and mystic atmosphere offered by a super elegant chandelier or a floor lamp signed by Baccarat. You will be dazzled with the stunning reflexions and the glamorous touch that crystal can give to a space.

Pop Culture

A series of lighting by Avax, designed with simple lines, is flirting with intense and vibrant colors and puts the pop element in our place. Suitable for the office or for a youth room.

Chic minimalism

When luxury obeys the rules of simplicity and rejects anything needless, then we talk about the most chic version of minimalism. In this case Christopher Guy house is the perfect choice.