04 Jun 2023| DECO TIPS

The kitchen of our dreams!

The kitchen of our dreams!

How much imagination, elegance and style can define a kitchen? The answer is “much”. The most utilitarian space of the house can be a really nice, comfortable and attractive place where we can spend more time than you imagine.

Dada is the most hi-end choice for our kitchen. The minimal compositions combining with each other to give a unique effect adapted to the particular needs of any home, is the main characteristic of the Italian firm.

 Hi-Line, Trim, Set, Banco, Tivali are some of the Dada compositions that can make kitchen the most interesting place in the house.

Molteni house instead offers some unique furnishing options for the kitchen. The high aesthetics and the unique design featuring every table signed by the Italian company can give a marvelous touch to each space.

The Arc table is one of the most striking suggestions for the kitchen. For a really minimal and "easy" version of dining we can choose stools paired with the kitchen bench instead of a dining table.

Finally the serving implements do play a very important role in the kitchen.

Choosing a sumptuous set of crystal glasses and porcelain dishes signed by Michael Aram we really give a touch of luxury in everyday life.




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