09 Aug 2022| Hotels

A Paradise on earth, signed by Dedon

A Paradise on earth, signed by Dedon

There are 7,107 islands in the Philippine archipelago, but there’s nowhere in the world like DEDON ISLAND!

Located at the southeastern tip of reef-ringed Siargao, just around the corner from the Philippine Deep and the legendary surfing wave, Cloud 9, DEDON ISLAND nestles between ancient mangrove forests and the white sands and crystal clear waters of the sea. A palm fringed paradise, naturally sheltered from the raw tropical wilderness all around it, the place is magic. True magic. The beauty. The biodiversity. The exquisite harmony of nature, architecture and design. But like all true magic, it can never be explained. It can only be experienced.

It is a place where you may don’t have to put your shoes again, till the moment you leave. Maybe that's the purpose that DEDON ISLAND has been created. Besides, enjoying life outdoors, together with family and friends, for DEDON, it's the ultimate luxury.

More than just a hotel, DEDON ISLAND is a kind of a laboratory, an Outdoor Living Lab for bringing our barefoot dreams to life. “Every experiment we carry out here, from groundbreaking outdoor design to organic local farming, brings us that much closer to achieving our vision of a truly sustainable paradise – a place to retreat, rejuvenate and return to the world in a barefoot state of mindDedon explains.

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