29 Nov 2022| News

10 tips for the Christmas table

10 tips for the Christmas table

The Christmas table is itself a chapter in decoration. Sprinkled with glitter and luxury, it should be empowered with the magic of Christmas. Follow 10 tips for a unique effect.

1. Candles play an important role in the festive table. The more, the better... Place in the center of the table tall candlesticks or low table candles inside in a tray. If the candles are aromatic they will create a very pleasant and warm atmosphere.
2. The gold element is connected to the glow of Christmas. Use gold serving pots and gold decorative objects to add some glamor to your table.

3. Red color also fits Christmas. It offers a warm and happy mood. Prefer a red tablecloth or red candles. 

4. Decorate your table with fresh fir branches, mistletoes and pinecones. Avoid the false branches. It's very simple to find fresh branches, so as to give vitality to your table and the authentic smell of Christmas...
5. The fragrance of space plays an important role and creates atmosphere. In addition to the scented candles and the fresh flowers and branches, you can buy some aromatic sticks scented with cedar or cinnamon. "Invisible" details like this make the difference.
6. To give an air of formality, print the menu in vintage paper, that you can find in the bookstore, and place it on each guest's plate. 

7. Note to your guests where to sit with small cards with their name. If you have kids in the family, let them write the names of the guests. The children's handwriting has an innocence and a kind of spontaneity that will pleasantly surprise your friends and relatives.
8. Decorate also the chairs, except table. A red or gold ribbon and a sprig of mistletoe tied with string on the back of each chair is what you need.
9. The lighting is a key factor. In addition to candles, place around the dining table floor lamps with warm yellow light and make your guests that  the lights of the tree are visible from the dining room. 

10. Finally, the quality itself creates a ritualistic atmosphere. A set of silver cutlery, crystal glasses, the porcelain dishes, will offer you and your guests all the luxury you need…