30 Jan 2023| News

A journey to Murano with Venini

A journey to Murano with Venini

We connect the most fabulous location in Italy, the beautiful Venice, -among other things- with its glass art. Dozens of small shops pop up in front of us with objects, small and large, useful or just decorative, made by the famous Murano glass.

Murano Island, located just outside of Venice, is the point of production of all these objects of art that with their iridescence, uncluttered look and special technique, are objects of admiration and desire. There, we find some experts in the art of glass, engaged in manufacturing glass objects by applying a special art, constantly evolving their techniques and passing their secrets from generation to generation.

On Murano Island we find also Venini, consisting the elite of Murano style and producing many decades some of the most precious, rare and unique glassware. All the elegance and the finesse of Italian art is being reflected to the Venini creations, which are giving a vintage and modern simultaneous touch to our home.

Selected Venini items are the new proposal of Avax. See the collection here