23 Mar 2023| News

All you Need is Sleep

All you Need is Sleep

How we perform when we are awake depends so much on how good we slept. 

Choice of the appropriate bed and mattress that fits our personal needs is priority for a true relaxation. AVAX experts will give you all necessary advice to make the right choice.

Size Matters

The first thing to consider when buying a new bed is the size of the bed inside the room.

How high?

An element that many people ignore is the height of their bed that would suit their needs and/or taste.

Snooze in style

Once you have an idea of the dimensions you want your new bed to have, you can start looking at different designs.

Additional accessories

The primary purpose of a bed is, of course, somewhere for us to rest our heads at the end of the day but many modern bedframes also offer other uses like hidden storage either in drawers accessible from the sides, or in a gap underneath the mattress. 

Don’t forget the mattress!

Finally, we recommend investing in a new mattress when purchasing a new bed. Mattresses should be replaced at least every eight years and it is a serious investement for our valuable rest.


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