02 Oct 2022| News

Avax presents Marco sofa

Avax presents Marco sofa

They say that blue is the only color that has an equal appeal to both men and women. Indeed, the color of ocean and sky, the color with the most charming and unexpected shades of the pallet, is a constant influence in our psychology.

When this color upholsters a sofa and becomes the dominant decorative element in our space, the result may be fascinating. If we talk about Marco sofa, the result is no doubt fascinating. The velvet offers charm, the quilted style gives prestige and a touch of classicism and the stylish design with the thin armrests and the distinctive curves completes the effect. 

The effortless style and the subtle counterpoises force us piece to distinguish Marco sofa from Avax Everyday collection. We want to touch it, to observe it and finally to make it part of our own space.

We imagine this sofa to step over our carpets, to create color contrasts with the decorative items in our living room and to offer in our space the perfect significance. Without shouting, without being provocative, it becomes the timeless piece that we will gaze at, as time goes by.

Especially this period of time we try, using our imagination, to place it in the Christmas décor. Again we come out to see it plane, dominating the whole space. Offering warmth, intimacy and luxury. All those elements that we need for Christmas...

Marco sofa is available for order: http://avaxdeco.gr/ell/saloni/kanapes/marco