02 Oct 2022| News

AVAX presents the new FENDI CASA collections

AVAX presents the new FENDI CASA collections

AVAX continues its long-standing collaboration with the Italian mega fashion house FENDI and presents this fall the new FENDI CASA collections.

In a specially designed area in AVAX Kifissia showroom, that reflects the iconic charm of the famous house, the new FENDI CASA collections stand out with their innovative design and eclecticism.

When creating uniqueness, the idea is to base new designs on values - aesthetic and otherwise - that have made the brand iconic. It is FENDI's world, its history and its style codes that embrace furniture design. An encounter where a Maison de Mode brings seductive décor and the ability to engage its audience to create a fascinating and highly nuanced lifestyle.

The arches of Atelier Oï's Metropolis series invariably recall those of the Roman palazzo that houses the Maison; the Karligraphy graphic motif designed by Karl Lagerfeld (where two FF in italics intertwine) becomes a carpet. The logo becomes a discreet, almost disguised presence. Detecting it in a jacquard fabric, pinpointing it in extremities of the armrests of a chair or gracefully engraved in wood or stone almost becomes a diversion for connoisseurs.

The driving forces behind FENDI CASA are authenticity in design, uniqueness of style, and ability to combine rigorous design with creative freedom. 

FENDI CASA collections such furniture, lighting, carpets ,accessories and art de la table are available exclusively for Greece, at AVAX Kifissia showroom, 233 Kifissias avenue, T. 2106236630, info@avaxdeco.gr