03 Feb 2023| News

Brixx collection: Dedon comes closer to fashion

Brixx collection: Dedon comes closer to fashion

Coming from the fashion industry, Lorenza Pozzoli, brings a fresh approach to furniture design. It was her eye for detail and understanding of craftsmanship that first drew Dedon’s attention.

This amazing designer sings for Dedon the Brixx collection. We can see the fashion elements and influences. Pastel colors and elegant lines are dominant and exquisite, offering a “joie de vivre” taste.

Brixx is also Dedon’s first fully upholstered collection offers amazing versatility and 360° functionality. Simple yet sophisticated, natural yet refined, this flexible system of rectangular modules fully lives up to the playfulness of its name, allowing you to construct islands of luxurious comfort outdoors or in. Accessible from all sides, the collection brings people together for relaxing and interacting in a whole new way. And with BRIXX, there’s no limit to the configurations you can create.

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