29 Mar 2023| News

Cozy lake house

Cozy lake house

A cozy house in Lake Martin in Alabama offers an open and airy interior layout that is ideal for family living and entertaining. The living room features the amazing Knot Lounge Chairs by McGuire. 

Knot Lounge chairs are bound in leather instead of the traditional McGuire rawhide; a detail that accentuates the dramatic shape of the frame, adding a layer of exquisite handcrafted detail. The generously scaled, 100% down and feather cushions create a comfortable oasis, amidst the caned back and walnut or ash frame. 

This cozy, idyllic home is designed for people to enjoy all the amenities that lake living has to offer — from relaxation to spending time in the great outdoors.

Kennebec lake house design by @krywicki_interiordesign, photographer Ali Harper

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