29 Mar 2023| News

Dedon goes Green, Greener, Greenery

Dedon goes Green, Greener, Greenery

PANTONE, international color institute and the authority and leading technology for the precise communication of color, has appointed GREENERY color of the year 2017. The fresh mix of yellow and green symbolizes new beginnings, boasts energizing qualities and is part of DEDON collections DALA and FEDRO.


DALA by Stephen Burks combines casual craftsmanship and tradition with contemporary design. The  geometrical structure, made of woven aluminum, achieves the ultimate level of endurance and stability.

At the core – as always – our famous DEDON fiber. The collection consists of a lounge chair, a loveseat and a number of accessories.


FEDRO by Lorenza Bozzoli represents a new type of ergonomic seating concept.

Balanced on two skids, FEDRO makes seesawing child’s play. The design and lightness make it easy to stack and transport this chair without legs.