29 Nov 2022| News

Fendi Casa through the eyes of Toan Nguyen

Fendi Casa through the eyes of Toan Nguyen

Designer Toan Nguyen has a flair for simplicity.  Founder of an eponymous multidisciplinary atelier that examines furniture, lighting, and design technology for a range of products, the Red Dot Design award-winner was tapped in 2012 by Fendi Casa to create the Contemporary Collection. At the intersection of minimalism and functionality, Nguyen’s tempered mathematical approach to design reads as more poetic for Fendi Casa, and wholly embraces the brand’s aesthetic.

 “The Fendi Contemporary Collection expresses the Fendi Casa DNA with an eye projected into contemporaneity, an element which gives the name to the Collection itself. My challenge is to communicate the highest craftsmanship and quality in a simple yet extremely refined language, where the obsessive care for details is hidden between the lines. The Fendi Casa Contemporary Collection has been created to transmit emotions, as it happens for a Fendi fur or any other Fendi product,” explains Nguyen.

The highest level of attention and craftsmanship are made to look easy in an artful or inspired setting; it’s perhaps this feeling of effortless that communicates luxury as a fait accompli.  When asked about what speaks most of the Fendi Casa philosophy to Nguyen’s own vernacular, he connects to the process: “The quest for innovation, the research for newness and continuity, the usage of graphic patterns and the experimentation of materials are all distinctive elements of my style that I have tried to apply to the world of Fendi Casa Contemporary.”   

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