02 Dec 2022| News

#HouseOfMolteni: An amazing digital project

#HouseOfMolteni: An amazing digital project

The Molteni Group presents its first digital project: #HouseOfMolteni. Twelve months for twelve stories: the protagonists are international trendsetters and influencers who open their homes and chat about their lifestyles.

The reportage will consist in a series of video interviews and artistic photographs that will be presented on the group website (www.moltenigroup.com) and on the social channels. 
Special guest of the event: Olivier Zahm, founder and editor-in-chief of Purple Fashion Magazine, who will act as art director for the project launch and for the first cities to feature in the episodes of #HouseOfMolteni. 

Camille Bidault-Waddington and Massimo Giorgetti are the first protagonists!


Camille Bidault-Waddington

Fashion designer and consultant

“Each time I go somewhere it always looks like my house. I see so many people during my work that my house has become a protection from the outside world, it's calm, it's the place where I'm always myself”.


Massimo  Giorgetti

Founder, CEO and Creative Director of MSGM

“My house is a dream come true, it's an achievement, it's the result of sacrifice, of many difficult moments, and it's also the result of how determined and stubborn I've been since I was a kid. We can say this house is incredibly valuable and means a lot to me”.


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