03 Feb 2023| News

Kitchen stories by Italian masters Molteni&C | Dada

Kitchen stories by Italian masters Molteni&C | Dada

Today, as never before, “kitchen-mania” is all the rage at every latitude and affecting generations right across the board. Food has become a glocal passion and its appointed place – the kitchen – is where culinary alchemy happens, as long as everything is at hand and functional, as demanded by all great chefs.

Inspired by the Cartesian coordinates, Francesco Meda is designing a new functional, modular and flexible system for Molteni&C | Dada where every kitchen accessory is where it should be and within easy reach. Thanks to a system of tracks on the X and Y axis, the convivial kitchen can now cater for new options, including homeworking,where the multiple accessories, used for different purposes, must always be readily available.

At this particular point in time, enforced permanence at home has encouraged us to be tidier, to ensure that everything we need has an established place so that we know exactly where to find them. This is especially important in the kitchen where our multiple gadgets, used for a range of purposes, need to be instantly at hand. Milanese designer Francesco Meda tackles the problem with his XY project, a universal, custom made accessorized system that can match different models of Dada kitchens, whether wallmounted or self-standing islands.

Vincent Van Duysen’s new project for Dada, Intersection, is a kitchen with a strong
expressive character and refined details that highlight the excellence of the brand in the
materials processing.

The Belgian designer was inspired by the great masters Piet Mondrian and Carlo Scarpa:
the first, for the use of geometric compositions that identify the founder of the de Stijl
movement, using essences that intersect and create rigorous geometries; the latter,
for the refined materials and details that distinguish one of his masterpieces, the Querini
Stampalia Palace in Venice, where marble, stone, ceramics, wood and metal fittings are
used in a masterly way to create highly sophisticated and beautiful environments.
“A project that plays with proportions, thicknesses and a mix of refined materials” as Vincent Van Duysen says.

The Ratio kitchen, has been renewed in its modularity and materials, maintaining a particularly marked graphic and architectural character. Ratio is conceived as a modular kitchen, where the structure is the protagonist: metal grids create the architecture for bases, wall units, columns, hoods and accessories.

Molteni&C | Dada kichens are availabe at AVAX stores.