03 Feb 2023| News

LIGHT my Xmas fire!

LIGHT my Xmas fire!

Lighting is a very essential element of decoration. The lights we choose are these decorative elements that determine the tone and style of our space.

At Christmas we have one more reason to focus on the lighting. It’s the time of the year that we want more than ever a warm and glamorous atmosphere in our home.

Avax selects for you some lamps that will give to your home a unique style during Christmas, and all year round as well!

Baccarat House is a symbol of high crystal art and of what French people call "Art de Vivre".

It recalls of precious ornaments, magical locations worldwide, memorable moments of fun, full of luxury and high aesthetics. The form of the chandeliers catches the light in an equilibrium so perfect that it enchants the eye.

Their decoration, either traced in etching or chiseled by the cut, embellished by gold or colorful enamel, sends a glorified message.

We propose for your living room two emblematic chandeliers and an elegant lamp.

Christopher Guy with its clean, minimal lines offers harmony and a very particular sophisticated style in your space.

This lamp with the white hat and the thin base is what you need to illuminate in the most classy way your dining area.

Fendi Casa with its glamorous style, integrates naturally the modern luxury in contemporary living, without effort.

Fendi chandeliers and lamps have gold elements consisting an ideal choice for the festive mood of Christmas.

The simple elegance and the modern luxury of Ralph Lauren Home collection has a place in every place and in every decorative situation.

A lamp with blue elements will balance the Christmas decoration and will offer neutrality and brightness.