02 Dec 2022| News

Molteni Museum: when Italian design speaks loud

Molteni Museum: when Italian design speaks loud

The Molteni Group has just inaugurated the new Molteni Museum. Designed by Jasper Morrison, with the image coordinated by Studio Cerri & Associati, the Museum covers Molteni’s history, innovation, research and quality, showcasing 48 iconic products and original prototypes of the Group’s companies: Molteni&C, Dada, Unifor and Citterio. The Museum is the result of a long process of historical recognition, which began with the 80!Molteni exhibition. This gave rise to the Molteni Archive, a place devoted to the research, preservation and study of the Molteni Group’s cultural heritage. Based in an old country house, within the Giussano complex, the archive’s purpose is to analyze, catalogue and file historical documents.

The Museum is a dynamic space, steeped in memories, a place for research but also a meeting place for the numerous local and international communities that enjoy relations with Molteni, a reflection on the cultural and collective heritage and a symbol of the Group that has promoted the quality of things “Made in Italy” all over the world.

The building that houses the Museum was built as a factory at the end of the 1950s and used as a drying shed for sheared wood.

Renovated in 1986 by Aldo Rossi and Luca Meda, and then, in 2004, by Studio Cerri & Associati, it preserves traces of its industrial past. Other striking features include the landscaped area around the Museum, designed by Amazing Studio, as well as the presence of a giant version of the Milano chair, made in 1990 for the exhibition dedicated to Aldo Rossi.

Because looking back may, perhaps, help to imagine tomorrow more clearly… 

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