23 Mar 2023| News

MOLTENI&C Tivali 2.0: Kitchens for small places

MOLTENI&C Tivali 2.0: Kitchens for small places

Nowadays, smaller places are able to present immaculate interior design more than ever.

And, even though, limited living space can be a challenge in order to deliver all the comforts of larger homes without any compromises, tiny kitchens - just as good as larger ones - can be configured, complete with cooking, washing and food-storage areas, all in the name of good design and functionality.

TIVALÌ 2.0 by Yabu Pushelberg, Molteni&C

Tivalì, the enclosed kitchen for all spaces is reimagined today by Yabu Pushelberg, and combines technology and design to produce a perfect proposal.

Tivalì appears as a large, closed kitchen range that does not at first reveal its precious contents. Once two large doors open, thanks to sophisticated mechanisms, they fit back, side by side, into the shape of the container, revealing the interior.

The inside looks incredibly scenographic, especially in the amphitheatre version, where the arched marble or stone worktop creates an unusual sense of space. The large worktop designed for washing also provides room for preparing food. The marble-coated back panel is like the backdrop. Here, there is a tall set of shelves with an unusual design. Beneath the worktop, cupboards with deep-set doors and handles can accommodate a small fridge and dishwasher, or can simply provide storage space. Lighting illuminates perfectly thanks to a system of LEDs fitted into the shelves. Available in three heights and two widths, Tivalì allows for infinite internal configurations.

“We have updated Tivalì as an open, expressive and inviting space, re-designing the kitchen system in terms of shape, proportions and materials. Together, Tivalì’s components create an environment in which traditions can be shared, memories created and the senses enhanced.”

Molteni&C design kitchens are available at AVAX Molteni&C showroom in Halandri and AVAX Kifissia showroom.