05 Jun 2023| News

One of a kind outdoor life

One of a kind outdoor life

Just a few weeks after their launch, two of DEDON’s new collections for 2016 have been singled out in the prestigious ICONIC AWARD: INTERIOR INNOVATION competition.

DEDON’s new TIGMI cogllection by Jean-Marie Massaud was successful in the “Winner” category. Massaud’s concept merges sofa and shelter, creating a supremely comfortable piece of microarchitecture with a brand-new aesthetic. The name “TIGMI” comes from a Berber word which can mean both “house” and “shadow”. With this design, Jean-Marie Massaud has created a unique combination of sofa and shelter that exudes coziness and communality, comfort and convenience.

On the other side DEDON’s new MBRACE lounger collection by Sebastian Herkner with its unique interpretation of barefoot luxury, took the prize in the “Best of Best” category. The stunning MBRACE collection comprises lounge chair, wing chair, rocking chair and footstool