02 Dec 2022| News

Poltrona Frau flies in the clouds!

Poltrona Frau flies in the clouds!

If you think we had seen it all in terms of luxury on intercontinental flights of large companies, well you were wrong… Because we had never imagined that we could enjoy our flight sitting in a leather, luxurious and ultra-elegant seat signed by Poltrona Frau... Since Alitalia has chosen the Italian brand to upholster its new Business Class seats on its intercontinental flights!

The Business Class seats are upholstered in Pelle Frau® Leather in contrasting colors of beige and black. This refined combination is redolent of luxury sports cars and has been chosen to increase the experience of quality and superior excellence. The headrest carries the green and red Alitalia logo, whilst the Poltrona Frau logo is embossed lower down on the backrest.

For those who appreciate luxury and high standard in terms of living, a journey lying in Poltrona Frau seats, is a destination in itself! Isn’t it?