25 Mar 2023| News

Poltrona Frau furnishes the Stavros Niarchos Opera theater

Poltrona Frau furnishes the Stavros Niarchos Opera theater

Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center is one of the most important recent architectural projects in Greece.

Designed by architect Renzo Piano, the complex comprises a cultural center and the national library, is the home of the Greek orchestra, and stands out for a design that respects the surrounding landscape.

Poltrona Frau Contract supplied and installed 1400 armchairs for the main auditorium of the opera theatre, as part of a project that saw the company work with the Renzo Piano team to develop a new seat with an original design.

RP03 is the third seat developed by the dedicated Poltrona Frau contract division team in association with the Renzo Piano architecture studio.

The RP03 distinguishes itself for its skilled use of wood. Not only does this material meet the aesthetic requirements, it also significantly contributes to the theatre’s acoustic performance.

The curved armrest is made from American cherry wood and carved from a single block of wood.

Expert craftsmanship is combined with the latest technology in the sector thanks to touchscreen monitors fitted to the backrests. Spectators are therefore able to enjoy the shows to the full with multilingual translations and other original content.

The views are spellbinding and extraordinary, and every point of the stalls offers a unique perspective on the performance on stage.

The project in numbers

1400 RP03 seats produced and installed

4 years of planning with 1100 working drawings

10 types of backrests and seats

22 types of wooden backrest panels

50 types of sides

12 types of armrests in solid wood.

5 containers dispatched

2 months of installation

35,000 screws used