23 Mar 2023| News

Poltrona Frau presents "Future Heritage”, the 2020 products collection

Poltrona Frau presents "Future Heritage”, the 2020 products collection

Innovative materials, original formal solutions, major reissues and expanded rangesPoltrona Frau presents "Future Heritage", a collection that projects its traditional values into the future.

For Poltrona Frau true luxury has always consisted of reasoned and lasting designs combined with an unwavering commitment to choosing, processing and producing only the best. Only in this way, with this internal consistency, is it possible to explain the stylistic and functional longevity of Poltrona Frau furniture, a tangible expression of contemporary living that succeeds in looking well beyond the here and now.

As such, many of the new solutions for 2020 have been designed with the ambition of becoming timeless classics of tomorrow. Others are reinterpretations and additions to existing ranges that underline the success of products that never fall of out fashion, transcending eras and trends and adapting perfectly to spaces and uses that are completely different from those for which they were created.

You will find POLTRONA FRAU collections at AVAX stores.