06 Jun 2023| News

The excellence of Poltrona Frau takes its seat in the Quirinal Palace

The excellence of Poltrona Frau takes its seat in the Quirinal Palace

Poltrona Frau is pleased to announce that, as part of the initiative of the President of the Republic "Quirinale Contemporaneo", the Brera bench by Guglielmo Ulrich, placed in the Loggia d'Onore on the main floor and the Diva chairs by Roberto Lazzeroni placed in the Torrino Belvedere Superiore of the Palazzo have been selected to welcome international delegations during official lunches and dinners.

Among the products selected, there is also an iconic piece from Ceccotti Collezioni, Chambre Close by Roberto Lazzeroni, showcased inside the Royals Apartments.

"Quirinale Contemporaneo" is a project to open the "house of the Italians" strongly desired by the Presidency of the Italian Republic. In this phase, which brings together seventy other works of art, furniture and design objects from the Republican period that integrate the artistic heritage of the Quirinale and embellish other rooms of the Palace.

The works represent Italian excellence in the field of art and design and are styled within these representative spaces through a careful and polite reinterpretation of the architecture of the interiors and gardens of the Colle.

Photo credit Massimo Listri, 2020, granted by the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic.

Photo 1: Quirinal Palace, Torrino, Diva chairs by Roberto Lazzeroni.

Photo 2: Quirinal Palace, Loggia of Honor, Brera bench by Guglielmo Ulrich.