02 Dec 2022| News

Welcome Cire Trudon & Locherber!

Welcome Cire Trudon & Locherber!

Avax welcomes Cire Trudon from France and Locherber Milano!

Cire Trudon

Founded in 1643 in the dawn of Louis XIV’s reign, at Claude Trudon’s boutique on the rue Saint-Honoré, Cire Trudon is one of the most prestigious candle manufacturers in France. Originally crafted using the purest beeswax, coveted for its perfectly white colour, the family-run business’ candles quickly gained a reputation for unsurpassed luxury, going on to supply not only the country's most glorious cathedrals, but also the royal court of France until the end of the monarchy, as well as being Napoleon's wax producer during the Empire period. Handcrafted to this day with the utmost care and patience, Cire Trudon candles are beautifully designed and fragranced in collaboration with renowned perfumers, proving a luxurious indulgence for the home.

Locherber Milano

Locherber Milano is a luxury fragrance brand that prides itself on its rich Italian heritage, meticulous attention to detail and artisanal craftsmanship. In a conscious effort to remain local, everything used to make its covetable collection of perfumes, home fragrances and scented candles - from the finest ingredients to the jacquard fabric labels emblazoned on its precious glass bottles - is sourced within a 100km radius of the brand’s birthplace, Milan. Employing traditional techniques seldom found in today’s consumer-driven climate, Locherber Milano’s passion, dedication and authenticity ensures a unique sensory experience. The best glass makers in Venice are used to design and craft the hand-tinted bottles and vessels, while expert perfume blenders travel across the globe to find the world's best natural scents