02 Dec 2022| News

Wittmann furniture collection: Timeless, Fresh and unusually Elegant

Wittmann furniture collection: Timeless, Fresh and unusually Elegant

Furniture by Wittmann makes an impression in living spaces with its clear expression of form and elegant lines. With a tradition of craftsmanship dating back over a century and collaboration with well known designers, it offers excellent craftsmanship, durability and timelessness.

The interiors for Wittmann in 2020 are all about warmth and coziness: fine brass, warm woods and luxurious stone come together in joyful abandon with sensual materials such as velvet and leather. The exclusive use of carefully selected quality materials, and unparalleled seating and reclining comfort are hallmarks of Wittmann.

With characteristic charm, functionality disguises itself as smart living, like in the versatile group of elements that make up Playtime by Soda Designers.

In Paradise Bird collection by Luca Nichetto, we can easily find an expression to the attitude to contemporary life, that we want to adopt and retain for many years to come. And, since sustainability, in the form of long-lasting products, remains a central concern in Wittman, the old time, elegant classic armchair Contessa 1956 has being reintroduced.

Wittmann furniture collections are ideal for residential and contract projects. All collections are available at AVAX stores.

Vuelta Lounge Chairs, design: Jaime Hayon